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We at ATCM (Applied Technology Corporation Medical division) are your source for used medical equipment since 2016. ATCM provides variety brands of used medical equipment e.g. MRI, CT, Ultrasound, Endoscope and others from Tokyo Japan to overseas market at reasonable prices.
For resale to you our valued customers. On website you can find a complete range of refurbished medical products at competitive prices.
Most of equipment in Japan are well-maintained by the original manufacturers until they are replaced with the Brand-New parts. These equipments can still be used in good working condition. We collect these systems from entire Japan through our strong network and export them to all over the world.

The health care field is witnessing daily advances, typically in the form of new and improved medical equipment and devices. However, it’s a challenging task for hospitals, clinics, and veterinary practices to keep them updated with technologies that are constantly changing. Since buying new equipment can quickly drain the finances of any healthcare facility, more and more people these days are switching to used medical equipment.

Pre-owned medical equipment for health care institutions is increasingly in demand due to its value in enabling medical care administrators to reduce costs. At the same time, used medical equipment that has been professionally reconditioned to manufacturer standards does not compromise the need for quality medical equipment. ATCM has come up with a solution for such used health care equipment buyers by offering online affordable help. It also offers a green living solution by using items that are in good condition for many more years.
Visit our Products segment to know about the options we have in store for you.
We help you explore the best possible options to give you the right price to improve your bottom line.

With the main mission of providing life-saving and life-enhancing products, ATCM, has grown into a company you can trust. For us, serving our clients is the end goal of all our work. Luckily, the by-product of this mission helps us continue our goal of providing products that save lives and makes the lives of patients better.


☆Anytime,anything you can contact us by e-mail as follow medical@atc.co.jp, we will reply soon.




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